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Please stop hitting the snooze button!


Despite my best efforts, I keep getting letters inquiring about John Djiang’s contact details. The usual request is for me to make arrangements for the petitioner to become an immortal in his/her (usually his) spare time, via a web-based video correspondence course posted on Youtube following the individual’s initial visit to Indonesia (a trip which is only necessary so that he can take photos with Master Djiang to post on Facebook, and videos to post on youtube). Given that this website is dedicated to Pammachon, not the Magus of Java, it would appear that few people are reading my posts and directions very carefully (perhaps the youth of today has lost the capacity to read after all), so let me summarize my standpoint and reiterate my position for one final time:

The Magus of Java is, as Bruno would say, sooooooo 1999. It is outdated. It was a plan that did not work.  You’re too late – all the immortals have already made the cut, graduated, and taken the last plane out.  You missed out. Sorry about that.

To my surprise, several people who wish to portray themselves as scientists have stated on various fora that, were the theories presented in the Magus of Java found to be true, physics would be revolutionized. In fact, this is an erroneous statement, as there is nothing in the book that is not old hat. There are innovative viewpoints in the book, but nothing in there is really “mine” – all I did was connect the dots and draw pretty pictures.

Herbert Benson (et al) proved in 1981 that the use of tantric yoga techniques by advanced practitioners could circumvent the biophysical model as we know it; the publication of same was made in Nature, a prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal, and has never been disproven.  gTummo yoga is considered by the Tibetans as a path to Enlightenment and its practitioners as well on their way to becoming Buddhas (immortals). We already know that human beings can generate incredible amounts of energy through these practices – so go bother the Tibetan Buddhists, they are is set up to deal with you, I am not.

The binary nature of the Universe was theorized by Einstein back in the day, and by the ancients way back in the day; that the speed of gravity is equal to the speed of light, as Einstein predicted, was finally experimentally proven a few years ago, confirming once and for all that weird hair styles have something going for them. Many cosmologists are now saying that the amount of dark matter in the universe must be equal to the amount of “light” matter so dear to us – gee, what a surprise. The Mass Unconscious was first postulated by Carl Gustav Jung, not Kostas Danaos – I just used his model.  So go bother a Jungian – he will charge you for your trouble.  I am not the first to comment on the similarity of ancient thought with modern physics; there are many other authors who have stated the same, and who routinely attend their own book signings – Fritjof Capra is still active, for example.  And no – I am not interested in anyone’s chi machine.

I understand there are so-called teachers out there charging 5 to 6 thousand dollars a pop for teaching basic Mo Pai meditation – I am not one of them. Good luck with that, and feel free to consider yourself an idiot if you coughed up such funds. Did you really think that a life-altering journey could be initiated because of an advertisement posted through a medium such as the Internet?  Christ on a Harley! I have never charged a student of mine one penny, not for martial arts training nor for meditation, nor do I have any plans to do so, though it would appear I could have made a fortune if I had. But making money was never the point behind the project.

I’ve had people call my book “life altering” and “groundbreaking” and all sorts of good stuff, and for that I must thank them (there were a bunch of others who thought it was crap, too, and I’ll have to thank them as well). I am very happy that the Magus of Java affected your life the way that it did, and I hope you can pass the same positive feeling onto others in the future. But let me make this clear: your choices in life are your responsibility, not mine.

All of you have to understand the following: The Magus of Java was essentially an Enacted Plan with a specific implementation timeframe, and nothing more. I was seeking a fulcrum to stave off the inevitable, but it would seem that the Universe cannot be dissuaded once it makes up its Mind. I pretty much stated my purpose behind writing the book in its final chapter, the chapter that few people liked and most people skimmed through, and dropped references to same throughout the text. I guess no one was paying attention. No one cared what I personally thought back then; it would appear that this has changed these days.

I have felt the Decline breathing down our necks for a long period of time, since the early 80s to be precise, and it has come to stay.  The Decline is as unavoidable as a steamroller, and for some reason there is no slowing it down either. The times that are coming will not be particularly pleasant, but they will not be the End that some people envision. Nope, no end of the world folks, you will have to continue dealing with reality on a daily basis, but things will be much, much harder. Nevertheless, when I wrote the Magus of Java, I was orchestrating a sequence of actions whose purpose was to stave off an inevitable turn of events; I am actually fairly good at that and have been trained to do so. But the Universe did not want this, and no man can stop a hurricane: death, disease, insurrection, religious fanaticism, stupidity and terrorism all stood in my way, and the plans I made failed spectacularly. The desperate shot that I took with the Magus of Java did not reach its mark. So I gave up; every man only gets so many chances to do the right thing in his life. 

9/11 and the events that followed the publication of the Magus of Java, and other events that will follow in the future, have changed and will change the world for the worse, now and forever.  No one can move back in time: if a domino fails to tumble, then the stack it lies in is forfeit; if it does tumble, it initiates a chain of events. So forget about John Djiang – concentrate on preparing for your future. Forget about 1999 – concentrate on 2010 and beyond.

The Decline that is coming will be a time of Enclaves and Inequality, a time when the Fire of Prometheus will burn low in humanity or not at all. There have been many such periods in human history; sadly, one lies ahead. Science will advance, indeed, but it will not be available to everyone. The citizen’s rights you grew up with and have come to take for granted will simply cease to exist; millions of people will die of starvation and thirst. You should do your best to prepare for the coming times, and forget about Youtube videos.  Concentrate on day-to-day necessities and empower yourself to be a strong and vital member of an independent community. Each one of you is a link in the chain – each one of you can become an asset or a liability. So become strong in your heart and mind and become an asset to civilization and to your loved on. Let honor and virtue rule your hearts, and strength and integrity rule your mind. Do not be afraid of expressing defiance to corrupt authority and understand that this is not a time to avoid confrontation. Do not be afraid to tell an idiot that he is an idiot, assuming that you can prove he is. Become independent – stand on your own two feet, so that you can help others stand on theirs. If you do not understand these words, then you have no business at my doorstep in any case, so go complain elsewhere.

In any case, now you know what to do. Interested parties with half a brain, please purchase and read The Limits to Growth to better understand what is ahead. Martial artists interested in Pammachon will be able to download my latest book for free within a few weeks, so stay tuned – there is a lot of good advice on personal and martial development in that book. And it’s free, too, if you’ll take it as electrons rather than paper.

Individuals interested in immortality, please change radio stations. The immortals have all gone back to Mount Olympus.