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The Pammachon Book is coming…


This is an enquiry e-mail via from:

Dear Mr. Dervenis

Firstly, please allow me to thank you for writing “the Magus of Java”, without which I would not have found my way to this website. I found the book a great read and practically inhaled it in one sitting. You clarified a few things and confirmed some interesting points that I’ve speculated on for a while, for which I am grateful.

To get to the reason for why I am contacting you; in your blog post “please stop hitting the snooze button” 21st Jan 2010, you mention that you would be releasing a book and martial artists interested in downloading it for free should stay tuned. I was hoping you could tell me if this offer is still available, or if not, how I could go about getting a copy of this book please?

I ask because I am a Kung Fu student living in China at a Kung Fu academy and I would like to broaden my knowledge o martial arts. I checked the books section of your website, but unfortunately could not see anything recent?

Thanks very much for your help,

Kind regards


Dear Tom and friends,

I wanted to take the opportunity that your letter provided to answer a question posed to me by about thirty people so far.

The book is ready, and has been ready since March. Why has it not been published? Logistics, I’m afraid. Unfortunately, my life is complex, and I have four different roles to fill, four different hats to wear. Sometimes I just get tired and, rather than doing what I should be doing, watch television or surf the Internet – it’s called becoming a vegetable, and sadly, I am as guilty as everyone else of that particular crime. I am currently travelling and in the US, but I promise everyone that I will release the book by end November at the latest. My goal is to have it become a free e-book for download; once I get the ##@@@!!!!! formatting issues as required by the various hosting sites finally out of the way, I will upload the book. And yes, it will be free to whoever wants it electronically.

Is that OK, Tom?

My best to everyone, and thanks for being patient.