We’re on Facebook


We are actually on Facebook – one of my students took the ball and decided to run with it.


If that doesn’t work, look for Pammachon Πάμμαχον and it should direct you there.


4 Responses

  1. Cameron Watisian  •  March 15, 2012 @3:49 pm

    Kostas will you be on that facebook so that we will be able to contact you with more ease(i don have,but when i turn 15 in July i can)

  2. Kostas Dervenis  •  March 16, 2012 @9:52 am

    Hell no! I will never respond to a facebook request. I compartmentalize my life, otherwise I would have been driven insane by now.

  3. cameron watisian  •  March 18, 2012 @1:24 am

    hahaha! yea i see where your coming from

  4. Cameron Watisian  •  March 23, 2012 @3:16 pm

    So who is the student that made this account?

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