Videos on Pammachon are coming….


Hey guys and gals,

I think I’ve received my 100th message requesting youtube videos on Pammachon instruction.

Please understand something: I don’t like being a public figure. In fact, I hate it. You either have to charge a lot of money to make dealing with everyone’s whims worthwhile, and therefore become a “rockstar”, or, as I have done for the past decade, you simply don’t deal with it. I don’t want to charge people a lot of money for something that should be an integral part of their lives anyway, and I don’t want to have to suffer fools for no reason. So I simply don’t deal with it.

Most people want to be important, and that is their driving factor. In the martial arts world today, that covers 99% of all teachers and practitioners. Life has become so bland and grey and controlled that people seek to compensate for the experience of living by practicing extreme sports. Maybe it’s a generational thing, I don’t know – most of the martial artists I knew back in the day were interested in discovering universal truths via their practice. Today, most practitioners are more interested in seeing their face on youtube and facebook than seeking the discovery or admittance of any type of universal truth. Which is why, quality-wise, we are spiraling down in all things, and why Hollywood is vested in endless remakes for lack of real inspiration.

Still, though. Still. I reckon out of the 100 people who took the time to write me, there are ten I might want to have a conversation with and five I could actually teach. So, I will be in the process of developing some Pammachon videos over the next month or so. I’ll play it by ear and see how it goes.

One more thing – there are suddenly a lot of people on the electronic ether practicing Pammachon. If someone is claiming to be a Pammachon teacher or, worse, my student, send me a mail at to ask about him. I know of no Pammachon teacher at this moment who is actively teaching (living is far more important), so chances are, whoever is claiming to teach Pammachon, is lying. We are a very small clan, and I am debating whether it is worth it to make it larger or not. Whatever anyone else may be claiming, no one other than those certified by myself is authorized to teach Pammachon.



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  1. Yiannis Sampalis  •  March 4, 2012 @5:53 pm

    Kosta, I am very glad you decided to do so. There is so much garbage out there, that a breath of fresh air is most needed.

  2. nikos pappas  •  March 5, 2012 @2:23 am

    ποιος κάνει Πάμμαχον να παω να μάθω?καλως ήρθες.

  3. Timmy Weber  •  March 6, 2012 @6:26 pm

    I like the idea of the new pammachon videos comming out, it gives me something to look foward to. also I would like to expand on my growing knowledge of the martial arts.
    As a side note I like the idea of the small clan studing the ancient Pammachon arts.

  4. Cameron Watisian  •  March 9, 2012 @5:03 pm

    Great! Thats awesome! This will be even better then tactical errors! Thank you Kostas! BTW i havent ever heard of anyone claiming to be a pammachon teacher, but i will let you know if i hear anythintg at all.

  5. acr325  •  March 15, 2012 @6:55 am

    Euxaristw pollh! This is what we have all been waiting for!!!

    One quick question-what is the earliest evidence for any sort of martial art being practiced in Greece? Would it be the Cycladic warrior figures?

    -Andreas Rauch

  6. Kostas Dervenis  •  March 15, 2012 @7:52 am

    @acr325, the existence of stylized weapons without the technique and capability to use them is an oxymoron, so I would say, yes, the Cycladic figures, the “Warrior” statue being the first to spring to mind. Otherwise, I would say the earliest evidence in Greece is the Minoan Boxer Rhyton, circa 1500 BC. The elaborate Mycaenean weaponry that abounds at that time is a clear indication that martial arts were well established by then.

  7. Calum  •  March 15, 2012 @5:33 pm

    wouldn’t it be interesting to develop some ideas around internet use, so that users dont suffer so much mental and physical ‘netropy’.

  8. Mike  •  March 15, 2012 @6:24 pm

    I’m looking forward to seeing the videos. I’ve followed this blog for a while now.

  9. Mike  •  March 16, 2012 @7:25 am

    This should be awesome. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and read both of your books.

  10. Kostas Dervenis  •  March 16, 2012 @9:54 am

    @Mike. Don’t know if it will be awesome or not. I keep getting a flood of e-mails totally unrelated to where I am now and what I would like to do in my life. Hopefully, these videos will clarify my position, and then uninterested parties can better address their queries to those who are more qualified to answer them. Those who remain interested in what I myself am doing, well, that’s what the renewed internet activity is for.

  11. acr325  •  March 18, 2012 @11:55 pm


    So does this mean that this “Cycladic martial art/fighting style” would have been weapons based or unarmed or perhaps a combination of both (e.g. techniques to deal with the opponent after weapons were lost). Would it have been a set of codified techniques, or simply a set of techniques that varied from practitioner to practitioner (similar to many styles of Jujutsu)?

    Thank you!


  12. Kostas Dervenis  •  April 3, 2012 @4:16 pm


    The Beni Hasan murals seem to indicate they were codified in Egypt. I am sure the same held true in Greece, though much more on the sly (literally). I will discuss this more in times to come.

  13. acr325  •  April 24, 2012 @4:15 am

    Thanks! Any sign of the vids? :) I can’t wait to see them.


  14. Kostas Dervenis  •  April 24, 2012 @7:01 am

    Sorry guys bear with me. They are coming. Lots going on here, elections coming, etc. I’ve also started teaching again, and time is slim. But I promise I will do it.

  15. acr325  •  April 26, 2012 @6:21 am

    Alright, thanks! I understand it is a lot of work, and I appreciate your taking the initiative! By the way, how has martial arts instruction in Greece been affect by all the turmoil (political and financial)? In the US it seems to have fared quite well under these harsh circumstances.

  16. Gaston Davids  •  June 29, 2012 @11:33 pm

    Thanks for sharing! I read your previous books and by chance I found your site and this blog. Good things are hard to find on the internet, and I mostly have to read egomaniacs who claim they have the truth, or that are just looking for mone and fame.

    I love your aproach to martial arts and life. I would love to be a student, but the fact that I live in Argentina makes it impossible for me, so I`ll keep reading your posts here.


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