Making revisions/ correcting errors, Pammachon book


Making revisions/ correcting errors, Pammachon book

I just caught a major blooper in my new book on Pammachon (I caught it myself so it doesn’t count). If you could help me out with comments and corrections, dear readers, I would appreciate it.

There are some people out there who I really respect who have requested a hard copy – I want to get all such corrections in place before I print their copies.  (Actually, this publish on demand method is pretty cool as far as that is concerned – you can correct mistakes!) So feel free to question and criticize – I will answer most questions on that subject in this blog.

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  1. aris  •  October 11, 2011 @4:04 pm

    κ.Δερβένη η συνεχεια του αρχαιου Παγκρατιου υπαρχει αλλα δεν ειναι παγκρατιο ειναι αλλο αθλημα και εξασκειτε συμφωνα με ιστορικά δεδομένα στον ελλαδικό χώρο απο την εποχη του βυζαντιου περιπου 10 αιωνας είναι μπροστα στα ματια μας.

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