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I will not keep quiet. I will blog, rage, rave, rant, wound and annoy. My mission in life is to destroy all evil and contribute to the growth and glory of all mankind. Yea verily do I tell thee, in these pages we will strive to do so together.

So there. Now all you have to do is wait.

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  1. Reed  •  July 18, 2010 @10:29 am

    What you have attempted to do is one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed since “Imagine” By John Lennon , It brings me to tears when I think about it deeply, and I am not usually the type.

    It saddens me equally as much to see these efforts to save humanity from foolish mistakes ignored in the same respects, society truly is a reckless force now and much of us would prefer it different.

    Regardless I owe you and your family and friends as well as Johns and even Lawrence and his brother many thanks for the decisions you have all made, good and bad.

    It happened to make a poor 26 year old Canadian a few things (Not all good “things” by any means) into the wealthiest man who has nothing. If there is ever anything that you or your loved ones need please don’t hesitate to ask me, for I happily consider myself in debt to you and them.

    You and them have helped me lift a vial of ignorance off my mind,body and soul, and metaphorically paired up an orphan with his long lost parents.

    I’d like to think the so called mark you missed in the Magus of Java was not far from some marks that did a lot of good likely more then you and the above mentioned will know for some time.

    Tell me what you think it’s worth to the heavens to see a little more yin in such yang times, assuming balance is of importance.

    Thank you all involved, you are all truly heroes in my eye’s

    and if possible Kosta please show this to any or all of those who played a part in your mission or those who might have took’n a tole in the proses.

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